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It is helpful to note that a typical two storey room extension (not bathroom or kitchen) can take one-one and a half years from feasibility study to completion.  Typically the more complex a project the longer it will take to achieve each of the milestones. Click on the table icon below to see the Timescales in more detail.


Once the design is agreed with you the project will be discussed with your local planning officer in ‘pre-application discussions’ and subsequently may require some amendments in line with the comments given.  The existence and extent of planning officer comments are largely down to the amount of contention associated with the proposals, for example, a project for several apartments in place of a bungalow may be deemed too dense by the officer or an extension to a Listed Building or in a Conservation area may need to respond to several other opinions.  This does not necessarily mean a compromise for you and can often inspire a richer response while still achieving your aspirations.  Click here for more info >


Initial visit

Brief and building appraisal

Sketch Design


Costs; pre-planning application

Detail design



Costs; post-planning application