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This stage includes the embellishment of the building control application with finishes and detailed specifications and the additional drawing of any bespoke elements such as stair cases, window seats, doors and windows.  The more information that you wish for us to produce the more accurate the price of the tendering contractors and, as a consequence, the less changesthat can/will be introduced on site. 

In addition, all standard contracts entail an element of damages should a contractor exceed the completion date agreed at the beginning of the contract.  This does not apply if this can be proven to be through no fault of the contractors own, for example bad weather and changes to the contract drawings.  Minor changes can often be accommodated within the original programme, although they may well hold a cost, but this introduces a grey area which can have an unsatisfactory outcome.  The best place to be at this stage for anyone with a fixed budget is to be in agreement with every proposed element within the build, its location, how it is constructed andfinished.

The project is then tendered to several, conventionally three, contractors from your own list.  Z-Space can aid this process by interviewing potential contractors and assessing against a project specific criteria to assist you in deciding the final three contractors we will send our tender pack to.

If you wish us to we can prepare the contract documents and run the tender process.

If you wish to proceed to tender on the strength of the approved building control application drawings and specifications the architect could help with anything you would like a professional opinion on from the detailed staircase solution to the taps in the new washroom or the tiles on the new floor.  This alternative process will be billed on an hourly basis.


Initial visit

Brief and building appraisal

Sketch Design


Costs; pre-planning application

Detail design



Costs; post-planning application