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On Site

Once the building works commence we can assist you by administering the construction contract; monitoring both the progress of work on site and that the works are undertaken in accordance with the contract drawings and specifications. This enables Z-Space to issue Payment Certificates under the contract confirming the amount of work that has been undertaken at regular intervals, usually monthly, directing the payment amount due to the contractor at each interval.  We would also issue a practical completion certificateonce works were finished in line with the contract drawings and return at a later date (six/twelve months later) to look for hidden defects and release any monies owed to the contractor if all found to be satisfactory.

Alternatively, we could be engaged to attend any meetings with the contractor to discuss any queries and monitor the implementation of works as per the contract drawings.  The extent of our involvement is entirely up to you.


Initial visit

Brief and building appraisal

Sketch Design


Costs; pre-planning application

Detail design



Costs; post-planning application