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marlborough hall  

Marlborough Hall, Mapperley, Nottinghamshire
 Contract value: approx. £4m

Marlborough Hall was originally built in the late 19th Century as a single dwelling within extensive grounds.  Since then it has had many uses, including a convent and presently as University accommodation, and has lost much of its land to other buildings.  The site is within a Conservation Area and many of the mature trees within the site have TPO’s.  Despite this, the hall and grounds have been poorly converted through the ages and presently very neglected.   The worse example is where a ‘barrack’ style 3 storey extension crashes through the once integral chapel.  In response my proposals were three-fold: -    
1.  Demolish the ‘barrack’ extension and within its footprint develop a new luxury apartment block which is proposed to be subservient to the hall.
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