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Cost; Post Planning Application

Once a project is at planning approval stage we can discuss fees in more detail.  If the project is fairly simple and, therefore, we have a good handle on the likely costs we could pursue a percentage fee.  For architectural work this is typically 10% of the project costs but this can be less for a simpler project with little propensity to change or more for something which is more complex to resolve in a construction and finishing sense.

It is also possible to utilise the services of the architect where you best see fit.  Several occasions are presented above as alternatives to the traditional role but if you identify further areas where the use of a professional opinion would benefit your project please feel free to discuss these with us?  Each of these shorter service patterns are done on the agreed hourly rate.


Initial visit

Brief and building appraisal

Sketch Design


Costs; pre-planning application

Detail design



Costs; post-planning application